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Contact Information

Crude Zinc Oxide sale
EAF Dust、Zinc Containing Products
EAF Waste Filter Bags

Marketing Department I
Manager / Yan Jun, Chen
TEL: +886-4-7586136 ext.800
FAX: +886-4-7586135

Incinerator Fly Ash、Electroplating Sludge、Zinc Containing Waste
SRF/RDF、High Calories Industrial Solid Wastes、Contaminated Soil

Marketing Department II
Manager / Meng Jia, Chen
TEL: +886-4-7586136 ext.880
FAX: +886-4-7586135

Environment and Safety

Environment and Safety Department
Manager / Eric Hsieh
TEL: +886-4-7586136 ext.700
FAX: +886-4-7586135

Investors Affairs

Manager / Jackie Lin
TEL: +886-4-7586136 ext.200
Acting Spokesman
Director / Jora, Chao
TEL: +886-4-7586136 ext.127